Launched in July 2019 as an artist house, the PALAZZINA project consists of a team of eight artists who have lived together since its founding and jointly run the exhibition space: Mathieu Dafflon, Victoria Holdt, Simone Holliger, Géraldine Honauer, Noemi Pfister, Luca Rossi, Kelly Tissot, and Ines Tondar. There are seven exhibitions a year, alongside a program of performances, readings, talks, and dinners. What is unique about PALAZZINA is the combination of a shared home and exhibition space—the name, which means “residential block” in Italian, is derived from this. Its first location in the Bachletten neighborhood was only available for temporary use, so the invited artists had free rein in this space and were able to change almost anything they wanted, thus creating site-specific interventions. This building in Schweizergasse was demolished in June 2020, with PALAZZINA taking up residence at the Alemannengasse 60 address from July 2020. From here, the concept will be flexibly adapted to the new environment and will respond to its new setting. The PALAZZINA project relies primarily on community with the exhibiting artists. It offers the chance to discuss things collaboratively, to pool energies, and to create new experiential spaces. The PALAZZINA team typically invites two artists or groups to work on an exhibition together at the same time, to cross-reference one another and create connections across the space. The projects thus offer a broad spectrum of collaborations and spatial ideas.



Alemannengasse 60

4058 Basel

Opening hours:

by appointment


Tram 1, 2 to Wettsteinplatz

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