The Artachment was initiated by Raphael Bottazzini in 2007. Since then, different curators have led the exhibition space until Bottazzini took over the curatorship in 2018 again. Stephanie Salz supports in the administration and communication and Feti Emruli takes care of the location on site. Four to five exhibitions are realized each year. The art space is a small 8 square meter former customs house from the fifties, located on the outskirts of Basel/Switzerland in Kleinh├╝ningen, right on the border with Germany and France. In former times, incoming ship goods were cleared through customs there and handed over to the adjacent rail traffic. In 1944, the port area was a designated restricted zone. At that time, the cottage served as a surveillance center. The exhibition space sees itself as a contemporary witness, whereby versatile collaborations with contemporary protagonists are established and a fundamentally open attitude is cultivated.



Postal address:
Raphael Bottazzini
Jungstrasse 2
4056 Basel

Hochbergerstrasse 165

4057 Basel

Opening hours:

Can be viewed from the outside 24/7.
For a room/exhibition visit, please feel free to contact us.


Tram 8 or Bus 36 to Kleinh├╝ningen

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